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Annual well-baby PT follow-up visits:

Just like pediatrician visits, children will benefit from regular check-ups from a physical therapist. This is a great way to make sure their gross motor skills are right on track and we are addressing all their developmental needs.  At these sessions, we can provide more tips or resources on the best activities/sports they can participate in based on their musculoskeletal development. 

Please Download and Sign The New Patient Agreement before your evaluation. 
Pricing for services is listed on the first page:


Free Consultation over the Phone: 

Have a concern about your baby's development? Give us a call or email and see if physical therapy is what he or she needs.

Full 60-minute Physical Therapy Evaluation in your Home: 

We will come and meet you and your little one where you prefer: at the daycare, at your home, or at the playground. We will look at the way your baby moves and give a detailed examination on the affected muscles and joints. You will receive an in-depth evaluation report on your baby's performance and receive personalized goals tailored to his or her needs.

Lil' Peanuts Physical Therapy | Los Angeles | Pediatric PT

Individualized Treatment Sessions: 

We create treatment plans according to measureable goals that can be delivered in your home to ensure a child-friendly, family-centered, play-based, comfortable environment.  We encourage parent and caregiver participation in every session.

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